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ESIA of NSWMP projects in Gharbia and Kafr Elsheikh are now available 

ESIA of NSWMP projects in Gharbia and Kafr Elsheikh are now available

Project Client:  National solid waste management program

The project aims at restructuring the waste sector, establishing an independent central entity to regulate the management of the municipal solid waste system and establishing waste management units in in Kafr El Sheikh- and Gharbia governorates. Two transfer stations are to be established in Zefta and Samanoud Markazes of Gharbia governorate. Another two mechanical and biological waste treatments facilities are to be established in Motobus and Desouk Markazes of Kafr Elsheikh governorat.  These project affiliate to the National Solid Waste Management Program )NSWMP( that is co-financed by national (30%) and international (70%) funding.

Accordingly, environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) studies are done on the project to mitigate any environmental or social negative impact that could arise whether during construction phase or during the operation. public consultation meetings were held with the stakeholders on 25th August and 8th September in Kafr Elsheik and Gharbia governorate respectively, to emphasize the importance of the project and to provide opportunity for questions, discussion and grievance if any.

The following links includes the EIA and excutive summary of theses project in Arabic and English version  including Sadat landfill project in Menofya

Desouk treatment plant ESIA Arabic report:



Metobus treatment plant ESIA report English:



Metobus treatment plant ESIA executive summary Arabic:



Sadat landfill ESIA report English:



Sadat landfill ESIA executive summary Arabic:



Samanoud transfer station ESIA report Arabic:



Samanoud transfer station ESIA report English:



Zefta transfer station ESIA report English:



Zefta transfer station ESIA executive summary Arabic:



El-Sadat landfill ESIA Arabic version






Sector : Waste Management
Country : Egypt
Published Date: : 06/10/2020