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Waste to Energy Converter for Municipal Solid Waste

The overall objective of this study is deploying an innovative waste management technology that could provide economic growth, environmental protection, and conservation of resources by turning waste to products. This study aimed at conducting a feasibility study for a “waste converter plant” as a possible solution for managing solid and organic waste in irrigation canals part of the Integrated Water Management District of Mahmoudia. Particular attention was given to technologies to create fuel oils from waste and electricity generation through biogas. This is a promising and efficient solution to waste problems as well as an innovative approach to achieving development objectives in Egypt. Focus was given to on liquid fuel generating technology as well as waste to energy options. Pre-feasibility analysis was carried out for 10 waste to energy technology and two were tested in Germany and China.

Project Information

Funding Agency : GIZ
Country : Egypt
Project Duration : 2014-2015
Sector : Entrepreneurship and MSMEs Development
Service : Renewable Energy